Download Rajasthan Economic Review 2017-18 PDF (English । Hindi)

Download Rajasthan Economic Review 2017-18 PDF (English । Hindi)
1. Introduction of Economic Review
2. Chapters of Economic Review of Rajasthan
3. Download Economic Review of Rajasthan
Introduction of Rajasthan Economic Review 2017-18
  • The Rajasthan Economic Review is published by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Department of Planning Rajasthan every year. The Economic Review is an annual document which is presented in the State Legislative Assembly at the time of presentation of the State Government Budget.
  • The reliable and comprehensive picture of State’s Economy has always been extremely important, more so at present as it forms the essential basis of planning and substantial development.
  • The Economic Review 2017-18 provides a bird’s eye view of the States’s Economy. In this document, an attempt has been made to depict the progress of various sectors of Rajasthan Economy. It also indicates the performance of recent developments and prospects of Rajasthan’s Economy.
  • The “Economic Review Rajasthan, 2017-18” attempts to present an overview of the State & economy as well as various development programmes being implemented in the State.
Chapters of Rajasthan Economic Review 2017-18
  • Rajasthan: An Overview
  • Public Finance
  • Macro-Economic Aggregates
  • Prices and Public Distribution System
  • Agriculture and Allied Sector
  • Industries
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Social Sector Development
  • Rural Development and Panchayati Raj
  • Other Programmes
  • Public-Private-Partnership
  • Externally Aided Projects
  • Human Development
  • Statistical Appendix
Download Economic Survey of India 2017-18 PDF (English। Hindi)
Rajasthan Economic Review 2017-18 PDF (English & Hindi)
Rajasthan Economic Review 2017-18 PDF (English & Hindi)
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Website of Directorate of Economics and Statistics Rajasthan

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